Smoked Mozzarella

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  • Vegan SmokeyRisella looks like Vegan Mozzarella Classic but differs in it’s smokey touch. It’s lovely taste is perfect to enrich dishes and sides, eat it plain or as garnishment.

    It’s allergens free so it does not contain any animal derived ingredients such as milk or soy; it has  no gluten and OGM free. The core of this product is the 100% italian germinated whole rice.

    It’s straw-coloured look is given by the turmeric, an ancient spice used in many Mediterranean and asiatic cultures with its characteristic colour. Turmeric is a benefice spice and it is recognized for having some  antiinfiammatory and antioxydants properties, not by chance is know also as the “lucky spice”

    SmokeyRisella is characterized by it’s unique smokey taste, ideal to enrich plain dishes  or as a meal on the run. Try it plain or warm it up, it will melt down, property this which makes it ideal to whisk and stuff your recepies. You may like it also instead of the cheese in the world famous stuffed polenta dish.

    Vegan Mozzarella Smoked flavour is a preferred ingredient for sandwiches, bruschettas, pizza, salads, timbals and salty cakes. Ideal also for snack topping or as appetizer complement.

    As most of fresh ingredients, once opened it shall be consumed within few days.

  • 3- 5 Business days.

    Collection point in Dublin 2.


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