A delicious vegan cheese originated from BioSuRice, 100% whole Italian rice germinated with Dolomiti spring water.  Crafty produced without milk and using premium selected vegan  ingredients only. It’s OGM free, Lactose free, Gluten free, Soy Free, cholesterol free.

Vegan MozzaRisella Classic is a special  product which offers a delicate taste and soft texture appreciated from younger too. It’s a unique and fresh alternative  to cheese which could come along with many dishes.

Enjoy Vegan MozzRisella Classic cold plain or melted. Cut it down in cubes in your summer salads or let it melt down for your hot meals. Tiny  sliced it’s ideal for topping pizza, bruschette, sandwiches, toasts and piadinas. It’s original clip packaging confers quality and shelf life .Once opened it’s best before some days, as fresh products are.


MozzaRisella is a delicious product, made from sprouted brown rice, produced using exclusively ingredients coming from Organic Agriculture, preservative free, and totally natural.

It is an excellent vegan alternative, a delicate product with refreshing properties.

Its main ingredient is the sprouted brown rice, of which it keeps most of the many important nutrients present in it.


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